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Odessa in Ukraine

Posted on: May 19, 2010

Odessa Ukraine

The Ukraine is the country of former Soviet Union, which got independence in 1991. During 70 years of Soviet power it was not easy for foreign travelers to visit Ukraine due to cold war and iron curtain. Since 1991 the Ukraine attracts many tourists. verybody is trying to discover Ukraine to see what was hidden from the world during 70 years.

Actually the world knows about “West” and about “East” but the world almost knows nothing about small Nations, which are living between “West” and “East”. These Nations have cultural features of western and eastern cultures and Ukraine is something special where eastern and western cultures are united into one culture. This “something special” attracts many tourists.

Dating is one more reason why foreigners visit Ukraine, and,
of course, business is the third largest reason why foreigners visit Ukraine. The Ukraine is the only country in Europe where is still possible to get rich fast. The opportunity to get rich fast attracts many businessmen to Ukraine. Major cultural, trading and business centers of Ukraine are Odessa region with Odessa city, which is the capital of Odessa region and Kiev city, which is the capital of Ukraine.

Let’s fix attention on Odessa city first. Odessa city is located in the South of Ukraine, on the coast of The Black Sea. It’s the major trading center in Ukraine. Almost all import to Ukraine as well as Ukrainian export is coming through Odessa Sea port, which is the largest in Ukraine. Long summer, short and warm winter and the Black Sea attract many tourists to odessa ukraine. The population of Odessa is about 1.100.000, which is increased in summer up to 4 million people. That is why apartments rental business is extremely popular business in Odessa Ukraine.


odessa apartments

Odessa in Ukraine is one of the most picturesque places of Ukraine, which is worth of visiting and spending wonderful time on the coast of The Black Sea; odessa apartments are the best option to stay in odessa ukraine; apartments odessa located in the most popular parts of Odessa city: Odessa city center and of course Odessa beach areas: Arcady, Lanzeron, Otrada, Delfin beaches; Odessa apartment is what you really need to stay in Odessa Ukraine; apartments in Odessa allow travelers to get maximum of comfort for minimum expenses. Thus Odessa Ukraine apartments are very popular among visitors of Odessa city. Visit this site to choose apartment in odessa for your short term stay.

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