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“Pobeda” (Victory) restaurant. Restaurants of Odessa Ukraine

Posted on: April 25, 2011

The center of Odessa, 25 Grecheskaya Street

The art-cafe for a meeting of old friends! The art-cafe “Victory” represents an institution consisting of 4 halls:

Small hall, basically it is intended for carrying out of banquets, days of births. And it is possible to come simply with the big company and have a rest.

The 2-nd hall is also oriented on the small companies for 4-6 person sitting on a little tables. Feature of a hall —screen and a stage! Seats here are the most desired!

Visitors of the art-cafe at once get into a hall, so called «a bar stand». Usually in this hall visitors who come to drink some coffee have a rest, to communicate to barmen, sitting for bar stands and drinking a glass of beer. With all sitting at a bar stand the discount of 20 % operates!

For those who love rest, the solitude — is a hall-library. Here it is possible to have a rest, esteem easy fiction (modern prose). If something was pleasant to you — you can always buy this book. In library it is totaled about 2000 copies of books.

In an institution the stylized musical parties, concerts (live music: a jazz, disco of 1970-1990 years, modern electronic music and beginners musicians, corporate parties. Sport translations are available in all halls is one more occasion to come with friends and to be ill for a favorite soccer team.

The design of an institution is sustained in style Mediterranean country. Kitchen —European dishes, big assortment of meat dishes and the pleasant price!

Music — there are 2 versions: daytime and evening, style of music is 70-80 years, basically foreign. Quantity of landing seats: 110 (25 tables). Maximal capacity is 200 people (during concerts).

Here, basically and everything, that it was possible to tell about the art-cafe “Victory” in brief. Certainly, it is better to come and all to see most, as well as to become the constant client of the institution.


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