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Karaoke Bar Utesov in Odessa Ukraine

Posted on: May 1, 2011

2a Jewish Street. Odessa city center.

In the silent heart of Odessa, in the most Odessa street – Jewish Street, it is hidden a night karaoke-club “Utesov”.

As the tribute of the name at an input us meets patyphone old voice of Utesov and inside disco interior with the advanced vocal-musical equipment.

The accent of the club is a karaoke – is sustained in all things but if you have appeared in the company of singers, but do not feed love to another’s tunes, do not doubt, to you it will be cozy in Utesov club. The sound is put qualitatively, and does not impede to have a rest. In the majority of cases you not at once will understand who sings, your neighbor or original record!


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