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Is Pay pal staff competent or not? Or pay pal is scammer?

Posted on: May 7, 2011

Here’s our customer’s article. We never refuse our customers. 

Just a bit experience about incompetence of pay pal staff and standard fraud. 

Some time ago my friend purchased some insignificant goods for few bucks from internet, got it, was unsatisfied, contacted seller. The seller refused to replace goods and wrote my friend that he would never get money back because his seller’s account has not got money and seller was about to close his pay pal account because he had already got a lot of money from such people like my friend and not interested to refund them and the seller asked not to waste the time trying to get money back and get experience from this situation. The next e-mails were ignored.

Therefore buyer logged in pay pal account and opened dispute. Seller did not participate in dispute – simply ignored. The dispute was escalated to a claim. Pay pal considered this claim and made solution the claim to be resolved in favor of buyer and seller had just initiated refund, which would be received by the buyer within 7 days. In 8 days refund was not made. The buyer contacted pay pal to ask what wrong was. The answer was the most ridiculous: they reviewed the case and decided to resolve it in case of seller.

I assume the only reason why pay pal staff reviewed the claim was the absence of money on seller’s account to make charge back. The amount of money was extremely ridiculous but buyer was on principle: he went to bank, filed a complaint against pay pal and initiated charge back procedure. The bank investigated the case in solved it in buyer’s favor. Money was received. It took about 3 months to get money back.

Therefore every time you use pay pal keep in mind that you can be scammed and pay pal staff will support scammer not because scammer is right but because pay pal is not available to return money back. Pay pal is not safe as advertised.

I always try to make experience from other people’s mistakes. That’s why I never pay large amounts by pay pal and ask my bank not to provide any charge by pay pal from my card without my authorization.


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