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Posted on: May 13, 2011

Services, which are provided by agency of the real estate “Alliance” at purchase of object of the real estate:

Preliminary consultation of the expert: finding-out of demands of the client; granting the information on a situation in the market of apartments in region.

Selection of interesting objects of the real estate: an extensive and most authentic database of secondary habitation with the lead preliminary survey and the primary analysis of documents; the open internal database of agency; carrying out of an advertising campaign on search of object; granting of the professional comparative analysis at cost of similar objects; protection against non professionalism (avoidance turns of useless presentations).

The organization and carrying out of presentation of the chosen objects: the organization of presentations during time convenient for clients; filling the certificate of presentation together with the client; preparation of the table of the comparative analysis on the lead presentations for the help to the client in a choice of object.

Legal support: maintenance of all necessary conditions for lawful carrying out of deal (availability of a necessary package of documents and presence of necessary persons); legal consultations on any questions connected with purchase or sale of objects of the real estate.

Assistance in carrying out of deal: the organization of signing at the notary of the contract of sale and purchase during time convenient for clients; reception from the notary of the information on absence of an interdiction (arrest) on alienation of object at date of carrying out of deal; a guarantee of safe transfer of money resources; title insurance of deal (from insurance company ” ALLIANCE-GUARANTOR”).

The services, provided to the client-seller, are carried out due to agency of the real estate “Alliance”:

Reception and statement of apartment in sale: reception from the client of the information on his apartment for sale; granting to the client of the information on a situation in the market of the apartments in region; census of a technical condition and all documents; an assessment of object by granting 3-5 analogues chosen from a database, newspapers and the Internet, with the indication of the brief description of objects and the factors shaping their cost; entering object into the open internal database of agency that provides the way to employees of all branches of agency to get access to the given information and to have direct contact to the seller, that, in turn, allows to accelerate the organization of presentation of apartment to buyers.

The organization of an advertising campaign: search of clients on an internal database of agency; sticking-up of announcements, advertising in press, advertising in a network the Internet and on a corporate site; the outdoor advertising.

The Organization of presentation of object: presentation of object is made by the expert under the real estate of agency only on presentation of the appropriating certificate certified by firm press; presentation of object occurs during time convenient for the seller.

Legal support: assistance in preparation of all necessary conditions and documents for lawful carrying out of deal on alienation of object of the real estate (maintenance of availability of a necessary package of documents and presence of necessary persons).

As for today The real estate corporation “Alliance” is the most scandral real estate agency in Odessa: Odessa courts are full of claims from the deceived clients, Odessa city government is judged with Alliance real estate corporation, Odessa mass media is full of negative reports about this company.


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