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Itaka night club. It is the part of Itaka entrtainment complex which consists of restaurant, nightclub and concert hall. The capacity of Itaka club is 3000 people. Location is directly on the beach of Arcadia.

Ibiza night club. Location is the same: Arcadia Beach. Clubs are located close to each other and of course compete with each other organizing high ranked parties with unbelievable expensive budget. The interior of club is executed mainly in white tones, the architecture from the soft, rounded off forms, plus color a building looks as if Winter Mountains in hot summer.

Summertime night club Tropicano located in cosy and quiet part of arcadia beach. Capability of the night club Tropicano is 800 visitors. The clubs consists of dance hall, cafe, piracy bar, two chocolate bars and a restaurant, a hookah on sand.


The city of Odessa is one of the largest and the most beautiful places of Ukraine, which is worth of visiting. Odessa is the best recreation zone of Ukraine, which is non-industrial but trading center. Nothing is manufactured in Odessa but everything, which is manufactured in Ukraine, is sold there. Odessa seaport is the main import and export gate of Ukraine. Odessa 7th km market is the largest market in the world where employed over 25000 people.

The Black Sea, nice climate, non-industrial zone, sights of Odessa, foreign investments make Odessa city the largest Black Sea resort. In 2011 Odessa was visited by more than 1.200.000 foreign tourists. Odessa international airport accepts 400 passengers per hour during summer time. The capacities of Odessa bus and railways stations are unlimited.

The major sights of Odessa: Odessa Opera House, Odessa Potyomkin Steps, Yekaterininskaya Square, Sobornaya Square, Grecheskaya Square, Primorskiy Boulevard, Deribasovskaya Street, Odessa catacombs.

Nice article about Odessa Ukraine

Odessa market “Privoz” has strong historical and economical value for Odessa city and its residents. Privoz market was built in 1865. Detailed information about this market as well as other Odessa markets can be found on article section of DP Odessa apartments official website: markets of Odessa

Odessa catacombs is one of the most famous sights of Odessa, which are famous by 3000 kilometers not investigated multi leveled labyrinths. The history of  Odessa catacombs starts from 1830 when extraction of stone from underground to build Odessa city began. Catacombs in Odessa are artificial underground emptiness. During the Second World war the catacombs were used by partisans for hiding from Nazi troops. Read article about Odessa catacombs.

Walking tour around Odessa is the most popular excursion which is ordered by all tourists coming the first time to Odessa in Ukraine. The main sights of Odessa are mostly concentrated in Odessa cite center. That is why during 2-3 hours the traveler can see the best sights of Odessa Ukraine: monuments, cathedrals, historical places, buildings-masterpieces by design etc. Walking tour around Odessa article provided by Odessa apartments will serve great service to Odessa visitors.

Monument to Catherine the second and to founders of Odessa is constructed in 1900, in 1920 it was dismounted by Communists and restored again in 2007. Restoration of a monument has got a political resonance because Catherine the Great destroyed Cossacks and Zaporozhye Sich.

Catherine the Great ordered in 1794 to initiate the construction of Odessa city and Odessa port. As gratitude in 1900 Odessa residents established a monument to it and founders of city: de Ribas, De Volan, Potyomkin ans Zubov. The monument was established on Yekaterininskaya Square, which has the shape of triangle. After revolution the monument has been dismounted, statues have been moved to a study of local museum. In 2007 the monument was restored.

Gun (cannon) on Primorskiy Bouleavrd, on Dumskaya square, opposite Odessa City Hall is the monument, devoted to bombardment of Odessa city by the Englsih-French fleet during the Crimean war.


The gun was  removed from damaged and sunk French frigate “Tiger”. In 1904, in honour of the 50 anniversary of reflection of an attack of Englsih-French fleet to Odessa, a gun was established on a pedestal near to the Odessa municipal hall and A.S.Pushkin’s monument.

French frigate “Tiger” was one of the most powerful and the most modern ships of that time. During Crimean War it was left by Alliance to block Odessa harbor from the side of Arcadia area. The frigate was destroyed by bombs of Russian battery.

Odessa spaso Preobrazenskiy cathedralThe Odessa Spaso-Preobrazhenskiy Cathedral is the largest temple of Odessa, which was constructed in the first years of existence of Odessa city, in 1794. The Cathedral was destroyed by Communists in 1936 and restored again in 2001.

The cathedral reflected a level of development of Odessa. In the beginning of XIX century it was a small cult construction, and already in century became one of the largest cathedrals of Russian of Empire. The cathedral has capacity up to 10 thousand people, and the Cathedral area was the main area of city. Spaso-Preobrazhenskiy Cathedral is located in the heart of Odessa city, on Sobornaya Square.

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