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Nikolayev, Mykolaiv, Mykolayiv and Nikolaev Ukraine

Posted on: January 21, 2012

The city of Nikolaev has few variants of writing: Nikolayev, Mykolaiv, Mykolayiv and Nikolaev. In our article we’ll use the most often variant “Nikolaev”.

The city of Nikolaev was founded in 1789 when ship construction business started its development and the city appearance is result of foundation shipyard on the Ingul Rriver. The city was founded by solution of prince Potyomkin.

The population of Nikolaev is about 500.000 inhabitants. Russian language and Russian culture is broadly used while the population is mostly Ukrainians. Nikolaev is the capital of Nikolaev Region. There was very good dynamical growth of the city before revolution.

During Soviet times the city of Nikolaev was closed for publicity as there were based too many military factories in the city. There were manufactured Soviet military ships, military machine engineering. All population of the city was employed to work on military factories. The result of it residents of Nikolaev had traveling restrictions. There was not also spare entrance to Nikolaev city.

When Soviet Union collapsed and military factories stopped their existence the population of the city became unemployed. There were no other business solutions or alternatives to be employed fro residents of Nikolaev as the city became backward due to the fact that it was “restricted city” for many years.

For now Nikolaev is one of not significant seaports of Ukraine, shipyard, agriculture area. There are no sights, no entertainment complex, no other facilities which can be interesting for travelers. The city itself is multiple grey multi-stored buildings constructed during Soviet times and closed factories.


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