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Evpatoria (Yevpatoriya) is a small, cozy and quiet town, located on the Crimean Peninsula, to the North-West from Simferopol in Ukraine. The population is 100.000 inhabitants. Yevpatoria (Eupatoria) is one of Ukrainian resorts, located on the coast of The Black Sea.

The town has not got any business or industry except tourism: nice location, attractions, rich town’s history attracts many tourists. Yevpatoria (Eupatoria) is one of small Ukraine Black Sea resorts. Residents of the town work only in summer as the largest flow of tourists during summer. When low season comes Evpatoria (Yevpatoriya) is looking like forsaken place.

The town was founded by ancient Greeks around 500 B.C. The town is named Yevpatoria (Eupatoria) after King of Pontos Eupator Dionysius. From the 7th till the 18th centuries the town of Evpatoria (Yevpatoriya) belonged to Asian Nations including Khazars, Cumans, Tatars and Turkish Empire. Since 1783 Evpatoria became a part of Russia Empire.

The best option to reach Evpatoria (Yevpatoriya) is to arrive to Simferopol railway station. Shuttles from Simferopol to Evpatoria depart every 20-30 minutes. After 2 hours drive in air conditioned car you’ll reach Evpatoria (Yevpatoriya).


Kerch is one of small resort centers of Ukraine, situated in Crimea. The town is very small with no industry and very slow trading. The population of the town is 150.000. The main business of Kerch is tourism as town is very old (it was founded about 2500 years ago). It is located on the Sea cost and has extremely rich and interesting history. Travel business is not so broadly and professionally developed like in Odessa Ukraine and services in Kerch are of low quality and high prices make this place not competable but anyway we suggest visiting this lovely place.

The easiest way to reach Kerch is to reach Simferopol first. There are bus and railway stations in Simferopol, which connect this place with the world.

Major sights of Kerch are: Ancient city Pantikapei (7th century BC. Excavations of antique settlements of Bosporus State. Pantikapaion or  Pantikapei is the capital of Bosporus State), Yeni-Kale (18th century, Turkish fotress), Mitridat Mountain, Minings, Orthodox Cathedral (13th Century), fortress Kerch (19th century), Kerch catacombs. All these sights will enjoy you as all these objects mean great skills of the ancient architects, mode of life and culture, history of many nations, settled Kerch peninsula.

The city of Nikolaev has few variants of writing: Nikolayev, Mykolaiv, Mykolayiv and Nikolaev. In our article we’ll use the most often variant “Nikolaev”.

The city of Nikolaev was founded in 1789 when ship construction business started its development and the city appearance is result of foundation shipyard on the Ingul Rriver. The city was founded by solution of prince Potyomkin.

The population of Nikolaev is about 500.000 inhabitants. Russian language and Russian culture is broadly used while the population is mostly Ukrainians. Nikolaev is the capital of Nikolaev Region. There was very good dynamical growth of the city before revolution.

During Soviet times the city of Nikolaev was closed for publicity as there were based too many military factories in the city. There were manufactured Soviet military ships, military machine engineering. All population of the city was employed to work on military factories. The result of it residents of Nikolaev had traveling restrictions. There was not also spare entrance to Nikolaev city.

When Soviet Union collapsed and military factories stopped their existence the population of the city became unemployed. There were no other business solutions or alternatives to be employed fro residents of Nikolaev as the city became backward due to the fact that it was “restricted city” for many years.

For now Nikolaev is one of not significant seaports of Ukraine, shipyard, agriculture area. There are no sights, no entertainment complex, no other facilities which can be interesting for travelers. The city itself is multiple grey multi-stored buildings constructed during Soviet times and closed factories.

Kirovograd (Kirovohrad) is one of the cities of central Ukraine, the capital of Kirovograd (Kirovohrad) Region (Ukraine consists of 24 regions and Crimean Autonomous Republic). Kirovogard Region is geographical center of Ukraine. Old name of the city is Elisovetgrad (till 1924).

The region is low populated and is known as the backward region of Ukraine. Low salaries, absence of job force Kirovograd (Kirovohrad) residents to look for job in the developed regions of Ukraine like Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov or work outside of Ukraine: in Russia or EU.

The population of Kirovograd is 250.000. Ukrainians are 68%; Ukrainian language and Ukrainian culture predominate here while Russian culture and Russian language is broadly used in southern, eastern and northern Ukraine.

Agriculture is well developed in Kirovograd area. Kirovograd is also known by its mineral water sources and large resources of rare metals: tungsten, molybdenum, copper, uranium, gold, silver, apatite, bismuth, tin, lead, beryllium, antimony, tantalum, niobium. However metal mining industry is not strongly developed and does not make much influence on the economy of Kirovograd.

Just would like to introduce the best villa in Odessa, which is available for daily and weekly rent. It is a comfortably appointed villa that benefits from excellent views across the countryside, situated in a quiet residential location, just 20 minutes walk from Arcadia beach, which is the most developed and the most popular beach of Ukraine. Modern accommodation and pretty enclosed gardens with terrace.

The villa description. It is 2-stored building with separate sauna block. The total area of the house is over 300 square meters. The ground floor (160 square meters) is represented by one spacious room, which is divided into few area: hall, winter garden, kitchen, dining room, sitting room. Bathroom and utility room are located also on the ground floor.

The first floor of the villa has 5 bedrooms, one bathroom and 4 balconies. 4 rooms are coming with king size double beds and the 5th room comes with fold out double coach and if necessary the 5th bedroom can be remade immediately into study.

The sauna block has separate entrance. It consist of sauna, kitchen, terrace with barbeque platform and bathroom.

There’s space for parking of 4 cars in the yard. Huge nice terrace, which have got capacity up to 15 people is in the yard.

The villa is under 24/7 security, under 360º video observation with manual control of cameras.

All modern facilities like satellite TV, climate control, WI-FI access, dish washer, automatic door and gate control.

The capacity of the villa is up to 20 people: 5 double beds in 5 bedrooms. However extra beds can be installed for extra. For today it is the best villa which has ever been available in Odessa Ukraine for daily and weekly rent. Identical solutions simply do not exist.

Here DP Odessa apartments would like to introduce the agency “Kiev Apartments”, which offers accommodation for daily and weekly rent in Kiev, Ukraine. “Kiev Apartments” offers luxury apartments in Kiev for daily rent. The business is managed by Kulik family and exists since 2000 (yes, fro more than 10 years they accommodate customers in Kiev luxury apartments!).

All of apartments in Kiev, provided by this agency, are located close to tourist routes, historical and architectural monuments and other places of interest. The apartments, managed by  “Kiev Apartmentsare located in the area full of shops, restaurants, bars and night clubs. It is  offered wide variety of recently renovated, fully fitted and comfortably furnished apartments.

For customers’ convenience it can be organized meeting and transfer from Kiev railway or bus stations as well from Kiev International airport Borispol.

Kiev is one of the largest cities in Europe with population over 3 mln., the capital of Ukraine, administrative, economic, scientific, cultural and educational center of Ukraine. The city is situated on the bank of the Dnepr River. Kiev has very rich history which starts from 7th century. The most renowned landmarks of Kiev are: cathedral of St. Sophia with outstanding mosaics and frescoes dating back to the 11th century; Kievo-Percherskaya Lavra featuring several monasteries and cathedrals; Ukrainian Baroque Church of St. Andrew; Golden Gate of Kiev, which date back to 1037; the magnificent 19th-century Cathedral of St. Vladimir; and many other sights.

Itaka night club. It is the part of Itaka entrtainment complex which consists of restaurant, nightclub and concert hall. The capacity of Itaka club is 3000 people. Location is directly on the beach of Arcadia.

Ibiza night club. Location is the same: Arcadia Beach. Clubs are located close to each other and of course compete with each other organizing high ranked parties with unbelievable expensive budget. The interior of club is executed mainly in white tones, the architecture from the soft, rounded off forms, plus color a building looks as if Winter Mountains in hot summer.

Summertime night club Tropicano located in cosy and quiet part of arcadia beach. Capability of the night club Tropicano is 800 visitors. The clubs consists of dance hall, cafe, piracy bar, two chocolate bars and a restaurant, a hookah on sand.

odessa apartments

Odessa in Ukraine is one of the most picturesque places of Ukraine, which is worth of visiting and spending wonderful time on the coast of The Black Sea; odessa apartments are the best option to stay in odessa ukraine; apartments odessa located in the most popular parts of Odessa city: Odessa city center and of course Odessa beach areas: Arcady, Lanzeron, Otrada, Delfin beaches; Odessa apartment is what you really need to stay in Odessa Ukraine; apartments in Odessa allow travelers to get maximum of comfort for minimum expenses. Thus Odessa Ukraine apartments are very popular among visitors of Odessa city. Visit this site to choose apartment in odessa for your short term stay.

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